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Toutankhamun Revisited:
Mysteries, Oversights and Inconsistencies

Now, at last, Andre H. Kaplun brings us a book that radically scrutinises and challenges the theories of Tutankhamun's legacy. A number of controversial issues are examined under his critical microscope, such as: Who were the parents of Tutankhamun? Did the young king really marry a daughter of Akhenaten? What do we know about his reign, the real causes of his death and the Exodus? And, is the alleged monotheism of Akhenaten a historians' heresy? Although many secrets still lie buried beneath the sands of time, the reader is transported into a world of thought-provoking, scrupulous and fascinating research, casting a new light on the famous pharaoh, which will undoubtedly cause a stir among fans of Egyptology. Including a preface by a professor of Egyptology, some 500 bibliographical references and investigating the latest developments, such as the recent DNA analysis, Tutankhamun Revisited is a challenging expose intended to appeal to the general public, researchers and students.